Monday, October 4, 2010

Sidewalk Film Festival

Last weekend, Matt and I headed into downtown Birmingham to enjoy the delights that the Sidewalk Film Festival brings to town.

Our first film of the day was a documentary about/created by Banksy...a graffiti artist that I love, particularly after seeing some of his originals on the Palestinian walls. The film was titled Exit Through the Gift Shop and proved to be both informative and entertaining. Although Matt and I are skeptical that the film's main character, a certain Mr. Brainwash, isn't just a set up by Banksy. (Matt is more convinced than I am)

The second movie we caught was Monica & David. It tells the story of two adults with downs syndrome who fall in love and get married. It shares their joys and challenges. And it will be showing on HBO October 14. It comes with high recommendation.

Our last film for the day was Beijing Taxi. This was probably my favorite of the day as it took you to another continent to experience life in a different culture. It looks at a number of different taxi drivers and explores why they have taken up this profession (or why they feel they have to take up this profession).

All in all, it was a great day of film-watching and a great celebration of something positive happening in downtown Birmingham. We will definitely be headed back in the years to come.

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