Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Flowers

As it turns out, this was an eventful weekend (more on that later). But while you await my stories of fancy and woe, I'll share with you the fall flowers that I planted (just before sunset) Saturday evening.

I knew I wanted mums for the antique pot that sits on our porch. Previously, it was filled with dead pansies (oops...).

I bought some in this orangey-yellow variety (a manufactured variety according to some kind gentleman at Home Depot who shared with us some watering tips), not your typical bright yellow but lovely nonetheless. I like them.

After the mums were in, I planted a few pansies across the already landscaped area in our front yard. The old owner told me she always left the front few feet to plant whatever was in season and whatever she was currently loving. I didn't take advantage of this space of the spring/summer so I decided to give it a shot this fall. Here are our new pansies (mom, aren't you proud?):

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