Thursday, January 15, 2015

24 Weeks

It's hard to believe that ANOTHER 4 weeks has passed us by so quickly. During the past several weeks we celebrated Christmas and rang in the New Year. It's been a wonderful time spent with family and just taking it easy as the two of us. (I completed a puzzle, read a book, caught up on some TV shows, planned our trip, & just enjoyed a slower pace) Baby Girl already received lots of love in the form of books and clothes--she doesn't even know what's coming!! 

At our most recent doctor's appointment I had to undergo the dreaded Glucose Test. But I really must say, it wasn't all that bad. The drink I downed pretty much tasted like Hawaiian Punch! :) It seems that everything came out normal as we have yet to receive any news (in this case, no news really is good news). Baby's heartbeat was still nice and strong--she was moving all around at our appointment and continues to do so regularly! All is well with Baby Girl and time is flying by these days! (and as you can see from above, there is no more hiding the fact that I'm pregnant)