Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Garden

The garden is still hanging on for dear life. As the weather changes, we are going to begin pulling some of our plants & planting for fall (maybe?). In the meantime, however, my okra plants have grown to a ginormous height since I last posted a picture.

I made Maggie stand in front of them just so you could have a sense of the actual size. It's crazy to me that a few are taller than me! The okra love it here in the South...we will definitely be growing it again next season.

Also, my banana pepper plant has been blooming like crazy. We took several and attempted to can them for later.

Verdict is still out.

Our 2nd attempt at a garden has had some successes but also many failures. Here's a recap: NONE of my squash plants (or zucchini) survived the squash vine borers. I can't decide if we'll try again next year or call it quits. My tomatoes also had a rough season as did my green peppers. I don't have a good explanation. As I said before the okra did very well & so did the eggplant & basil. We've had basil coming out our ears (fresh pesto...yum!). I can't wait to give it a go next year...it will be our 3rd garden! Crazy!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day Fun

Our Labor Day consisted of a LOT of water thanks to Tropical Storm Lee. I won't complain too much because it was nice for our yard to get some fresh rain but perhaps this was a bit more than we had bargained for in the end. We started the day at the lake but came home after lunch to build this....

There is nothing better than an indoor tent on a rainy day. Right after we got situated, however, the power went out. Below is a picture of our backyard just before the power stopped running for the night.

Although the crawl space flooded (since our sump pump can't run without power) there was little other damage to the house. We spent the evening playing an intense game of Scrabble with the door open and flashlights/candles on.

Sure, I would've preferred sunshine but there was something nice about forced rainy day relaxation.