Monday, February 23, 2015

30 Weeks

We've officially crossed over from doctor's appointments every 4 weeks to doctor's appointments every 2 weeks! Woah! Where'd the time go?!

This time around we saw the PA as Dr. Goolsby was busy in Labor & Delivery. Everything is still looking good and I walked out of this visit with the added bonus of a TDAP shot. 

We have spent the last several Monday evenings in child birthing classes at St. Vincent's. Some classes and discussions have been more helpful than others but overall it's got us thinking about our fast approaching due date and all the things we want to try to make happen when the time comes. I'm trying my best to remain flexible and realize that I've never been in labor before and I honestly have no idea what I will want in the moment. But I've been reading up as much as I can, listening carefully as we talk in class, and trying to make some best guesses about how we would LIKE for things to go! We toured the birth suites last week and that made it seem very real. We love St. Vincent's (hello, we've spent way too much time there b/c of Matt's pancreas) and so the rooms were just as we expected! 

28 Weeks

We hit 28 weeks and so it was back to the doctor for a check up! This time we started our rotations through the practice and visited with Dr. Thomas. She was excellent! 

All is still looking well--my weight keeps creeping on up there and now my belly is growing out by the second it seems. Little miss was quite wiggly while we were trying to hear the heart beat and Dr. Thomas ended up having to "trap" her with her hands to get a good read. But, no worries, all is well as she came in right around her typical 150bpm. Crazy child! 

The only other issues we talked with the doctor about were my increasing carpal tunnel pains--for which she suggested sleeping in wrist braces--so we've added that to the routine to try to keep it from getting any worse. It really is the craziest thing. It started in my thumb on the left hand and then spread to the pinky--though it seems to have mostly subsided in my pinky finger my thumb is still mostly numb on the inside. We also talked about possible tricks for getting better sleep. It seems the 3rd trimester insomnia has come in right on time. 

All in all we are doing quite well! Continuing to finish up the nursery and anxiously awaiting showers and celebrations ahead! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Babymoon to Big Sur

Because we like to travel so much, we knew pretty much as soon as we found out we were expecting that we wanted to take one last big adventure with just the two of us (yes, yes I know that we can travel as two again but it will be different when you have to leave a CHILD behind and not just your dog). After much research and deliberation we decided to visit Big Sur in California. 

And, I must say, it did not disappoint.

We spent most of our days enjoying the sunshine and beauty of the California coast. 

We did a good bit of hiking, checked out the redwoods,

caught some gorgeous sunsets,

enjoyed the stunning views, ate picnic lunches,

saw our fill of migrating whales and crazy elephant seals, and took lots of beautiful photos! 

It was such a relaxing, peaceful, and downright beautiful location for our babymoon! I highly recommend a trip to Big Sur in your lifetime!

On our final day/night we took the opportunity to hang around San Francisco. Matt had never been before so there were a few places we HAD to stop (ie the Golden Gate Bridge below). We wandered the Mission District for most of the day and ate a really wonderful meal at Greens restaurant before turning in for the evening.

We are so thankful that we had one more opportunity to sneak away just the two of us and we definitely made memories that we will cherish forever!