Thursday, November 13, 2014

12.5 Weeks

We finally shared our news on Monday, October 13, after our 2nd trip to the Doctor with a healthy report. We shared with our close friends (and extended family) the week and weekend before to make sure they could all celebrate our news before it went "public." 

While it still feels a little unreal, it also feels wonderful to be able to share our excitement with the world. We are so thankful for such a supportive and loving community to walk with us along the way! 

8 weeks and a few days

After the longest wait ever we finally went to the doctor today and confirmed that all is well!

We were both eager and anxious this morning. I really didn't sleep well at all last night mostly due to my own worry about finally getting "official" word. After a regular check-up we headed in to the Ultrasound and saw that little peanut for the first time. Baby was measuring right where it should be and the heartbeat was nice and strong at 184 bpm. It is truly an amazing thing to hear that heartbeat for the first time. I think it's still sinking in.

We set our due date which is April 23, 2015! We got a generic doctor speech and a packet FULL of information about all that is ahead. Woah. They also took some blood and set up our next appointment.

We are planning to FINALLY share our news with our immediate family tonight. I can't believe we've kept the secret this long. We will thankfully be able to share with Matt's parents in person but we will have to settle for Google Chat for my family this time around.

But all in all, we are SO very excited for the journey ahead!

6 Weeks

We've made it to Week 6 and yesterday we finally made our first prenatal appointment for September 15. It all still seems so surreal.

So far still feeling pretty good. The nausea is pretty come and go. I may have it one day and then the next day I won't really experience it at all. But I tell you what when it hits it does not feel good. And the tiredness....yeesh. We've been hitting the bed closer and closer to 8:00pm the past several nights.

I am trying to focus on the positives and not spend too much time worrying or being anxious about the things I can't control (which is really hard for a control freak like me). Working on being thankful for every moment, every feeling, and all the good things going on all around me.

So onward in the journey....

It's Happening....

So I've really known for quite some time. It's hard to explain because you don't live in my body but I just had a gut feeling (and I have a pretty reliable gut) that something was different. Anyway, even though I've known since I was probably about 1 week (no, really, I'm serious), we finally got some confirmation on Monday, August 18 that I am in fact pregnant.

Woah. It feels crazy to write that out. I'm actually further along than I thought I was--I never knew how you actually counted the weeks but as I type I am rounding up to week 5. I haven't felt too terrible yet, just the general aches and super tiredness. I've also noticed that I get really short of breath a lot quicker than usual. That was really one of my first indications was when I was at a class at the gym that I can normally rock and about half way through I thought I might die (of course I didn't but it was a tip that something in my body was different).

All is well. And we are over the moon excited. Now we just have to wait it out to get over the major fears and worries (or perhaps those never really leave....). So we are looking to fill our days with things that will make it move quickly and also savor the amazing things that are happening in my body.