Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's Happening....

So I've really known for quite some time. It's hard to explain because you don't live in my body but I just had a gut feeling (and I have a pretty reliable gut) that something was different. Anyway, even though I've known since I was probably about 1 week (no, really, I'm serious), we finally got some confirmation on Monday, August 18 that I am in fact pregnant.

Woah. It feels crazy to write that out. I'm actually further along than I thought I was--I never knew how you actually counted the weeks but as I type I am rounding up to week 5. I haven't felt too terrible yet, just the general aches and super tiredness. I've also noticed that I get really short of breath a lot quicker than usual. That was really one of my first indications was when I was at a class at the gym that I can normally rock and about half way through I thought I might die (of course I didn't but it was a tip that something in my body was different).

All is well. And we are over the moon excited. Now we just have to wait it out to get over the major fears and worries (or perhaps those never really leave....). So we are looking to fill our days with things that will make it move quickly and also savor the amazing things that are happening in my body.

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