Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Your Entertainment.

Yes. This is my husband singing along to a YouTube video.
Yes. He does know all of the words to "The Bed Intruder" song.
Yes. That is a school band playing said song.
Yes. It was hilarious.

And no. No mouse captured yet.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Mouse in the House

No. This is not just some joke about a children's nursery rhyme. I wish it was.

When I went through the kitchen to let Maggie out this morning, I found the pile of shavings pictured above. Yesterday, we found evidence of something eating our bread. Maybe it was an ant (ha wishful thinking) or maybe it was something else....

This is the pantry where we keep all of our food. It is a closed door cabinet. But it appears that some critter was smart enough to figure out how to open the door (hence the shavings) and devour our bread (and walk all over our other food containers....who knows) because I discovered a second loaf of bread with a hole as I went to fix breakfast this morning (and some mouse droppings....ewww gross, I shouldn't have told you that).

Pest control came this morning. The sticky traps are out. I don't know what I'll do if I find that little mouse critter, probably scream and make Matt come get it. I'll keep you posted....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We have FINALLY had some rain here in the past few days. I'm not just talking a few sprinkles and some showers, we have had some real downpours lately...complete with thunder!

I am so thankful for the refreshing smells and sounds of rain.

I am also thankful that one of our heavy downpours decided to let loose on Saturday morning. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, better than sleeping in on a Saturday morning with rain falling on the roof and clouds to make everything dark and cozy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


With all of these bakery & cupcake shows lately, I have been craving cupcakes like mad. A few months ago I discovered that Bham does in fact have a "gourmet" cupcake shop of our very own.
May I introduce you to....

They have all sorts of delicious flavors of cupcakes and they change according to the day of the week. (If you come visit, I'll take you there)

This is the box I brought home with me today-Curious George in the top left, red velvet in the top right, carmel in the bottom left, and wedding cake in the bottom right.

Curious George was my first adventure in deliciousness:

It consists of banana cake and peanut butter frosting. I had my doubts, but it was tasty (and dad, I think you might like this one). Plus it was topped with 2 fruity banana candies....what could be better?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Back

After a long hiatus.....reading night has made a come back in our house. Every Tuesday evening you can find us curled up on the couch reading a good book. We are bringing reading night back with a bang by reading a book together and discussing any important issues.

After night #1 of reading Dan Savage's "The Commitment," we are both hooked and are enjoying an insightful read/discussion on marriage as it exists today.

And as for Maggie....

She pretty much slept through it all until I took this picture.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saturday and Tuesday

Saturday morning (after catching the end of Casper on HBO...I know, I bet you forgot how great that movies was) Matt and I headed out to the East Lake Farmers Market. We've been to Pepper Place before which is like the mecca of all farmer's markets here in the Ham but we had yet to patronize the market of one of our "sister" churches.

And I sure am glad we did.

Although it is a smaller scale market, they had some fresh peach salsa and fresh goat cheese that is to die for. I mean it's really good.

So today for lunch I had a tomato (from our garden!), spinach, and goat cheese sandwich for lunch and topped it off by one of the fresh peaches we bought Saturday as well (although, I'll be honest and say that ever since our maggot fiasco, I am a bit skeptical of peaches these days).

East Lake Market, I think we will be seeing you again soon :)


Our dog has a REALLY long tongue.

Here is the proof.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missing You

Dear Sister-
I miss you. When will you move back to Birmingham (or convince Matt that we need to make the move further north)???

It was funny how life brought us back around to the same city for exactly one year. But now that just seems like a tease since she has moved away again. I mean, I know it's for a good cause but I still wish Richmond and Birmingham weren't quite so far away.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This article: shares some important statistics that a household of ministers (ahem, that would be us) ought to pay close attention to.

It is so easy to feel like I need to run up to the church on Fridays or do this that and the other to take care of my job when I should actually be making good use of my day off. Or at least making other time throughout the week to care for myself.

Exercise has always been and continues to be a good way to care for my own body but sometimes I need to do more than that. And, really, Matt and I both need to be better about taking our Fridays just for us. Life in two churches can be hard. We are still learning....