Thursday, August 12, 2010


With all of these bakery & cupcake shows lately, I have been craving cupcakes like mad. A few months ago I discovered that Bham does in fact have a "gourmet" cupcake shop of our very own.
May I introduce you to....

They have all sorts of delicious flavors of cupcakes and they change according to the day of the week. (If you come visit, I'll take you there)

This is the box I brought home with me today-Curious George in the top left, red velvet in the top right, carmel in the bottom left, and wedding cake in the bottom right.

Curious George was my first adventure in deliciousness:

It consists of banana cake and peanut butter frosting. I had my doubts, but it was tasty (and dad, I think you might like this one). Plus it was topped with 2 fruity banana candies....what could be better?


  1. I think I'd love it, but I can't have it...:-(
    It's called "blood sugar." I don't need it a

  2. wanna eat cupcakes together in November?

  3. ohhh, Katie, they do look good. think I would like the red velvet or carmel! have to try this place the next time I'm in B'ham!

  4. Looks too good to be true! We'll be right over...:)