Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ready for Spring...

Abita Strawberry....

And Baseball....

Spring can't come fast enough!! 

Changing Things Up

Like I said in the last post, we gained a new table for the house from the Fundraiser last week. 

We spent the weekend clearing out the table we had in our entry way before and making space for this new beauty to take over. I love it! (And if you love it too, I encourage you to visit my friends out at Alabama Furniture Market--they have lots of great pieces like this one!)

The table also features another purchase from the Fundraiser--a You Are Beautiful print! We are loving a little change in our living room. 


Last week Church of the Reconciler held a fundraiser at Good People Brewing Company here in Birmingham. Despite the moans and groans from many over a CHURCH holding a fundraiser at a BREWERY, it was a huge success! 

The event raised over $5,000 for the homeless in Birmingham and was just an all around fun event! There were some great silent auction items (one of which is now sitting in our living room care of my mother-in-law!), there was delicious food from Shindigs Food Truck (one of Matt and I's favorite food trucks in the Ham), great company, and, of course, great beer. In addition, the news gave the event some excellent coverage, so it was a great way to share the ministry of Reconciler with the people of Birmingham. Click here to watch one of the stories.