Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stitch Fix #5

Well box #5 has now come and gone. When I opened it, I thought I might end up keeping it all. But after taking a look at some of the prices and trying things on, I decided against it. Here are the details:

1. Top left- Navy blue terry shift dress
This was a good looking dress. It was very simple but had a great fit and was oh-so-soft. However, the $84 price tag just seemed too much for what it was. And so I sent it back. 

2. Top middle- Aqua and white birds on a wire infinity scarf
This was cute but I'm not in scarf season. It's too. hot. in AL to even think about scarves.

3. Top right- Off white chevron crochet tank
At first I didn't think I liked this top but after trying it on several more times, I had a change of heart and loved it. This was the one piece I kept out of this box and I can't wait to pair it with my mint green skinnies. 

4. Bottom left- Orange and white striped tank
I came really close to hanging on to this one. It had a good fit and, like the terry dress above, was super soft. But once again, the price tag just seemed too high for what I was buying. 

5. Bottom right- Chevron maxi 
I loved this skirt. And I wanted to keep it. But after trying it on multiple times, the fact that it was see-through never went away. It wasn't the kind of see-through you could hide or ignore. Obviously I didn't keep it. 

So that's a wrap on box 5. I'm still loving Stitch Fix and highly recommend it to anyone teetering on the edge of ordering one of their own. 
Here is the referral link just in case:

Stitch Fix #4

These were the contents of my 4th Stitch Fix box that arrived in June. I once again loved the contents of the box but only kept 1 item. Here are the details:

1. Top left- Black & White striped cardigan with hot pink accent
I liked this but didn't really love it and decided I don't really need it. 

2. Top middle- Chambray coral necklace
This just wasn't really my style. It was cute but really chunky for a necklace. 

3. Bottom left- Beige blouse
I came close to keeping this peasant style blouse but in the end decided it hugged too tight around the mid-line. The sleeves on this top were super cute but not enough to move it to the keep category.

4. Bottom middle- Pink Chevron swing skirt
Didn't like this one. At all. 

5. Far right- High-low tribal print dress
When I saw the "high-low" part I thought I'd hate this dress but I was so very, very wrong. I love everything about it. The print is awesome, the fit is perfect, and it's hardly a "high-low" style dress. I kept it. And I love it. 

So that was my fourth box. I'm still loving all of the different things the stylists pick out for me--so far they've done a pretty stinkin' good job. If you're ready to take the plunge and order a box for yourself, here's the link: You really won't regret it!