Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saturday and Tuesday

Saturday morning (after catching the end of Casper on HBO...I know, I bet you forgot how great that movies was) Matt and I headed out to the East Lake Farmers Market. We've been to Pepper Place before which is like the mecca of all farmer's markets here in the Ham but we had yet to patronize the market of one of our "sister" churches.

And I sure am glad we did.

Although it is a smaller scale market, they had some fresh peach salsa and fresh goat cheese that is to die for. I mean it's really good.

So today for lunch I had a tomato (from our garden!), spinach, and goat cheese sandwich for lunch and topped it off by one of the fresh peaches we bought Saturday as well (although, I'll be honest and say that ever since our maggot fiasco, I am a bit skeptical of peaches these days).

East Lake Market, I think we will be seeing you again soon :)

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  1. wish I was eating some of those tomatoes out of your garden!