Monday, February 23, 2015

30 Weeks

We've officially crossed over from doctor's appointments every 4 weeks to doctor's appointments every 2 weeks! Woah! Where'd the time go?!

This time around we saw the PA as Dr. Goolsby was busy in Labor & Delivery. Everything is still looking good and I walked out of this visit with the added bonus of a TDAP shot. 

We have spent the last several Monday evenings in child birthing classes at St. Vincent's. Some classes and discussions have been more helpful than others but overall it's got us thinking about our fast approaching due date and all the things we want to try to make happen when the time comes. I'm trying my best to remain flexible and realize that I've never been in labor before and I honestly have no idea what I will want in the moment. But I've been reading up as much as I can, listening carefully as we talk in class, and trying to make some best guesses about how we would LIKE for things to go! We toured the birth suites last week and that made it seem very real. We love St. Vincent's (hello, we've spent way too much time there b/c of Matt's pancreas) and so the rooms were just as we expected! 

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