Monday, October 18, 2010

Flip Burger

Last weekend Matt and I headed out for our once a week meal out on the town. (yes, we are too poor to eat out more than once a week these days...well that's if we ever want to save any money i suppose) Anyway, we decided to head over to Flip Burger at The Summit (a "burger boutique" if you will). We've eaten there before (which we realized was over a year ago....what????) so we both already knew what we wanted to eat. But this time we took a new adventure and ordered some drinks (why not splurge every now and again, yeah?).

In addition to my tasty faux-lafel burger, I ordered the pomegranate sangria (I love a good sangria...but nothing compares to the many I gulped down in Madrid). Because this restaurant is owned by former Top Chef runner-up Richard Blais they like to use liquid nitrogen and all that fancy sort of stuff, so my drink was smokey when they set it in front of me (are you jealous yet?). I was worried that I wouldn't like the pomegranate flavor but boy was I wrong. It was definitely worth the splurge and the meal was delicious!

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