Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Last week I decided that I wanted some combo Pumpkin and Cream Cheese muffins. After looking up a few different recipes, I decided on this one from Country Living. At first glance, they seemed simpler (and perhaps tastier) than other recipes I'd seen.

I altered the recipe a bit...mainly by omitting the pecans, I don't like all that crunch in my muffins, and using whole wheat flour, adding some oats, flax seed, and a touch of nutmeg. They turned out extra tasty and I love the sugary goodness baked on top.

Here is a finished muffin cut in half so that you can see the cream cheese inside! :) My only warnings are that 1) this recipe takes a long time to mix, pour, & bake...make sure you have a good hour or so 2) you should definitely put the full amount of cream cheese mixture on the inside, I skimped and it didn't seem like enough once they baked 3) don't put too much of the pumpkin mixture at the bottom of the muffin cup or you won't have enough to cover all of the tops! (and if not, they still work out well all mixed together)

All in all, I think I will be making these muffins again this fall!


  1. These look yummy! Would you come to Fort Worth and make some for me?

  2. of course i would mama....if only i could teleport on over.