Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back to Saturday

So...back to the weekend. I had planned on a lovely Saturday of planting flowers in the semi-fall air and relaxing on the couch....that was until my tire pressure light went off. As I got out of the car (talking to my dad nonetheless), I could hear the air seeping out of the tire. I knew it was all over at that point, so I hung up with my dad, and ran in to get Matt to see if we could salvage any part of the tire. No such luck. We took the old tire off and replaced it with the spare (bonus: I can now change my own spare tire if needed!).

I forgot to snap a picture of the busted up tire (probably because I was so distraught) but it had the biggest piece of metal lodged into it that I have ever seen. In fact the guy at the tire shop laughed at me when I asked if it could be patched. Approximately 3 weeks prior to this incident I was informed that my front two tires needed replacing. If I had to change out 1 now (b/c it was a back tire, of course I couldn't ruin a front one that already needed replacing...) I might as well do the front 2 tires. And, well, we all know that you can't just change 3 tires on a car.

So away we went to join Sam's and get a deal on tires (bonus: we are now members of Sam's and can stock up on all sorts of ridiculous things that we may or may not need). And somewhere in the mess of getting new tires and getting the car home, we lost a hubcap. Luckily, my husband is the best ever and found one at our local hubcap shop. I sure am glad this saga is now over & I am here to warn you to be careful when driving the streets of Bham.

And oh yes, dear blog, Happy 100th post!! It took me a while but we've finally made it. Now we're playing with the big dogs.


  1. gil. you are woman. impressive.

  2. there is no such thing as a thing at sam's you don't need. unless it's a 68 lb vat of crisco. nobody needs that. ;) enjoy buying in bulk!