Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tuesday Night

(a picture that Matt mockingly took for me as I tried to snap something on my iPhone so that you-my fine blog readers-could see an image...sorry sometimes things just don't work out)

Matt and I headed out to Bottletree to see David Bazan play with his full band Tuesday evening. (yes, we have already seen him play an acoustic show earlier this what) Bazan was one of our first dates early on in our relationship in the ATL. So he holds a very special place in our life & his music takes me back to our first few months together. Crazy how music can do that.

More important than the great tunes (which by the way, a group called The Mynabirds opened for Bazan & they were awesome...kind of reminded me of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You should click that link and give a listen) but back to what I was saying-what is more important than the great tunes is the fact that Bazan didn't even go on stage until 10:15 or so and WE STAYED AWAKE FOR THE WHOLE SHOW! It's a miracle because we are normally in bed by then...but these days we are living the crazy life. (is that sad? or just true when you become a "real adult"?)

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