Thursday, January 14, 2010


Picture care of Matt from his trip to Haiti last January

I know I promised silliness and laughter here but it does not seem appropriate with all of the news coming from Haiti. So we will put it on hold for a day at least and turn our thoughts toward the suffering and destruction in Haiti. I encourage you to give whatever you may have. We are giving to the relief efforts through the United Methodist Committee On Relief which can be found here

It is difficult to even begin to imagine the destruction. It is difficult not to ask why. While I don't have the answers, here is what I do know:

I believe in a God who is a good.
A God who is making all things new.
A God who cries and mourns with us.
A God who became flesh and dwells among us still today.

God of mercy, heal the brokeness, wipe the tears, hold tightly to those in mourning, bring your peace, bring your hope. Amen.

( we also ask for continued prayer for our partners in ministry)

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