Friday, January 29, 2010


Confession: I had to look up the proper spelling of MacGyver, I would have gone with McGiver (but on second thought that looks more like mc-give-er).

For those of you, like me, who maybe never watched the show (if you did, you can skip down to the "real story") here is a brief explanation from the ever trusty Wikipedia:"The story arc of MacGyver follows the intelligent, optimistic, laid-back, resourceful secret agent Angus MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson. He prefers non-violent conflict resolution where possible, and refuses to use a gun." (now that's my kind of guy!) I promise this information will be of use later in this post.

Now on to the "real story." A couple of nights ago we had a "scare" (aka our paranoia reached new levels). We could have sworn someone was trying to break in to our lovely home. So after a sleepless night, I laid in bed and cooked up a scheme to protect the basement door.

I realized that I could block the door by filling up the space between the door and the wall. So I did just that with the boxes of Christmas decorations and school books (the heavy stuff). See?

The next step was to prop a piece of wood against the door and place this bag of old pots and pans below it....our very own "alarm" if you will (Home Alone style...thanks Mel)

Last but not least, I hung a bag of yet-to-be-recycled aluminum cans for added alarm protection.

After completing the job, I trekked back upstairs to kiss my husband goodbye. I told him about my genius rig in the basement and he turned over and said, "Good job MacGyver." And that was that.

So don't mess with me or my house. I've got all sorts of creative traps up my sleeve.

(and by the way, we've had no more "incidents" this week...maybe they heard about my trap??)

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