Monday, January 25, 2010

Arigato Gozaimasu Tokyo don't know how to say that? Don't know what that means? Maybe you should travel to Japan.

We did. On our honeymoon. And it was worth every penny.

And so I composed an (acrostic) ode to Tokyo-an inveritable (did I just make that word up?) shout out to all of the things this fantastic city has going for it....or why you should visit.

T- T is for the Toilet seats, all of which are warmed (ok when it wasn't a Turkish toilet that is). In the cold of winter there is nothing better than a warm Tokyo toilet. T is also for the tea...none better.
O- O is for Onsen, the traditional Japanese bath in natural hot springs. Although I only visited once, this was a tradition I could definitely get used to...the water is warm, filled with minerals, and good for the soul. Look for Matt & I to build our own onsen-style bathroom in our future home....
K- K is for Kyoto (ok so I'm cheating by using my ode to Tokyo to name drop another site-worthy city in Japan, but really it's worth it). The old and beautiful city of hidden temples that will blow your mind. period. Oh and K is also for Karaoke-of which the Japanese are masters. There is nothing like having a private room to blast out a little Celine Dion or Justin Timberlake.
Y-Y is for Your Legacy (Tokyo's that is). We loved imaging life in old Tokyo, the Edo period, even as we walked through the sky scrapers and shopping malls. We loved staying in a traditional guest house and definitely recommend the traditional tea. We love your rich history and mystery.
O- O is for the Outrageously bright lights and crazy sights. All you have to do is walk down one of the main strips to see what I mean...or step into a Pachinko parlor. Tokyo is filled with light any where you go...and I loved it! There are also arcades on every corner...we played our fair share of arcade drums and candy cranes (although in Tokyo, the prizes were always better than candy!!)

And so we say, "Arigato gozaimasu Tokyo, thanks for a great honeymoon!"

It didn't fit in my acrostic (unless I wanted to make Tokyo plural) but the soba noodles are very much worth noting. I could eat them every day...especially when served up warm.

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