Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On becoming an Alabamian, or is it Alabaman?

Yep. That's my Texas ID with two holes in the top, making it invalid. Boo. But it had to be done.
Here is a fun little story to go along with said change:

So I walked into the Department of Public Safety, approached the information "desk" (it was more like a rickety old table that someone pulled out of their garage a few years ago) to figure out where I'm supposed to go now.

He makes sure I have all the proper documents and then carries on casual conversation,

Him: "Wow that's a long way! What brings you from the greatest state in the US of A to this crazy one?" (ok maybe those last ones were my words but you get the point)

Me: "Well I recently got married."

Him: "Oh well are you changing your name?"

Me: "No. I'm keeping mine."

Him: "Oh. Well be sure not to mention that when you go back there because federal law prohibits them from giving you a license in that case."

Me: (in my head, "Say What?? This guy is crazy.")
"That doesn't seem fair. People do this all the time."

Him: "Did you know that Alabama was the only state to follow all federal guidelines for issuing licenses?" (oh good...now what about those schools....oh and the politics or maybe you'd like to talk about how good AL is doing on taxes........)

Me: "Thanks." (telling myself to just walk away)
Then I took my documents to wait in line for a new license.
I can't be bothered to argue with such silliness.

Moral of the story? It's cool to keep your name.

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