Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Power of Half

A long awaited (and much anticipated) book arrived on my doorstep today.
This is a book written by my dear friend Kevin Salwen (fellow Middle East travler, maybe some day I'll write about that trip..yeah I think I will) and his daughter Hannah about the decision that their family made to sell their large home in Atlanta, buy a smaller one, and give half of that money to charity (I won't spoil all the details!). They embarked on this journey together as a family and this book shares their story of giving back.

I can't wait to dive in...I've been waiting for over a year now!
If you want to know more check out The Power of Half.
(They've also recently appeared on The View and ABC News so maybe you've seen them yourself but either way you should check out their story.)

Also included in today's bookdrop is this gem:
we are using this text in a class I am auditing on Gender and the Hebrew Bible...turns out I really didn't get enough of this in seminary :) Oh and in this same class, I was informed that I am brave for keeping my last name and having a wedding that was not quite so traditional in language and take that all you nay-sayers out there. I'm brave! (ok maybe not so much but definitely willing to stick up for what I feel is right!)


  1. I think it's awesome that you kept your name. Way to be. Most people are sheep. :) Also, I saw this guy on the morning radio circuit and can't wait to read the book, glad to hear it's out. Also, also...I have a totally super creepy blog shoutout to you from today. Sorry.

  2. i still love you sis.

    but I am changing my name.