Friday, February 5, 2010

Kids these days

Matt volunteered to read and grade essays by 4th and 5th grade students for a contest in Birmingham City Schools entitled,
"My vision, a world without war, poverty, and injustice."

These kids, many of whom have experienced things in life that I will never begin to understand, said some pretty profound (and funny) things. Here is a small sampling for your Friday afternoon reading pleasure:

-WW I would have never started if someone had yelled, "Let's settle this with our mouths not our fists."

-The world is as dangerous as a bear.

-War is as horrible as tomato soup.

-The poverty people will be given houses and food. They will also be automatically hired for jobs. Also if they live near a donut shop they would receive free donuts.

-Poverty is an ugly word in any language.

This is a work by favorite graffiti artist...used to demonstrate the fact that poverty is often the elephant in the room. I believe this particular showing was part of an exhibit in LA on global poverty and injustice but his works on the Palestinian walls are some of my all time favorites.

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  1. i love these...especially the bear and tomato soup ones!