Friday, February 26, 2010


Today we officially put in our first contract on a property in Crestwood. Hooray! (no details because we are only in the beginning stages of this process) Now we need to keep our fingers crossed that everything works out in the coming weeks (including a somewhat clean inspection, please).

Why, you might be asking, are we planning to move to this neighborhood of Birmingham? Well there are any number of reasons but here are a few...
This place. (left, the church before the fire & right, the church after)
Matt's job at Woodlawn UMC. We feel that in order to really minister and serve a community (particularly one that is grieving the loss of such an important and sacred space) you must be living in and with the people of that community. Period.

2. This area of the city is experiencing a sense of revitalization. There is a lot of energy swirling around to continue revitalization of this very important historic (and magical, I might add) part of the city. This also means lots of fun, young couples and families who are ready and willing to do the hard work involved in such revitalization.

3. It's historic. Who doesn't love a good historic home/neighborhood? It has lovely charm and character.

4. We really want to live in Birmingham not in the suburbs. We aren't scared of the school systems or the other individuals who have stayed in Birmingham even when others fled elsewhere. In fact, we have given a lot of thought to schools (not that we are even close to that) and Cornerstone is a wonderful school that shares space with Woodlawn. We are fully supportive of their ministry and perhaps that might mean sending our kids there one day.

There are many other reasons but I won't put you to sleep by listing all of them (yet). Hopefully you will all have the chance to come and visit and you can see for yourselves why we love this community and want to join in the fun!

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