Thursday, April 29, 2010

Handy Man

Over the weekend we decided to fix up a few things in the house...and by a few things really I just mean adding some blinds in the living room (and to the front door...I didn't like everyone seeing straight in...go figure.) So....

My handy man of a husband went to work. (I helped as needed...and apparently so did Maggie down there on the couch). Add installing blinds to the list of repairs beginning with installing a fan in the bathroom, new lights in the kitchen, new fans throughout the house, priming & painting all of the walls, tinkering with things in the crawl space, and helping keep up our lovely landscaped yard. Who knows what is next?? (well, really, we both do b/c we have a long list of updates for the house in the future)

(the finished product...much cleaner than the curtains) handy man is now out of town. and I miss him dearly. Sure sure he is doing the work of God but I'm ready for him to come home already.

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