Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adventures in Gardening: Part II

After spending a bit more time destroying and pulling out weeds on Sunday afternoon, we decided it was time to plant our first ever vegetable garden.

Here's the loot:
that would be 1 gerber daisy, 9 squash (we didn't plant ALL of those), 1 red bell pepper plant, 1 green bell pepper plant, 2 Big Boy tomato plants, 2 Roma tomato plants, a strawberry plant, and a blueberry bush, oh and 1 Maggie Mae
Ambitious? Maybe but we don't care.

The gerber daisy found a new home in our Crestwood pot (these come with the purchase of a home in this neighborhood and the pansies that were in it had seen better days).

Then we moved on to planting the garden:

The tomatoes get the privilege of the front since that is where the fancy structure for them to climb is in place, behind them are the peppers, squash, and strawberries....there is also a rosemary bush back there that is threatening to take over...
Here's the ole blueberry bush, it gets a home all to its own so that it can grow and produce lots of fruit:

And last but not least, look at what I found on the fig tree in the back....

Hopefully you can all come over and enjoy some fresh fruits and veggies this summer :)


  1. Gil! You're such a gardener! I'd love to come over and eat some tomatoes with you! ;)