Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Old Porch

(props to you if you get the song reference, Court I already know you will)

(don't mind the crookedness of the photo please) one of my favorite places in our new home. I mean how could you not love a big old porch like this? I look forward to many spring and summer evenings sipping a tasty beverage or eating a meal out here. Perhaps you'd like to join us?

Over the weekend I added these lovely pillows to the drab decor. And I scored these pillows for a mere 10 bucks a piece at our (not-quite-as-local-as-I'd-like-for-it-to-be) Target.

I'm in love with them. Especially that flowered green and brown one...not usually my style, but it is this time.

Oh...and one other thing that currently resides on our new porch.....

Our new bikes! (ok at least Matt's does, mine is in the backyard b/c I can't use it everday and I don't want someone to snag my new toy) We have only ridden them around nearby streets (well Matt rode his to work today) but I have lots of plans for lovely bike rides in the near future....


  1. Love the song, LOVE the porch.

    Can't wait to visit & sit out there with you.

  2. Love your pillows!

    We'll have to come visit soon!

    Any cool fesitvals in Bham?

  3. I am yearning to go on a bike ride!!!!!