Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adventures in Gardening: Part I

We spent some time this weekend working in our new garden.

When the old owners left, they informed us that the garden needed some weeding and tilling before we would be able to plant anything. So....

That is just what we did. While I enjoyed being out in the sun and getting my hands dirty, I have a new found hatred for weeds. (although I do find it particularly satisfying to pull up the big ole gross ones)

That's a pile of SOME of the weeds that we pulled. (I have a lovely blister on my right hand b/c of all of the other weeds we pulled)

Matt snagged this photo of me and the Mags cleaning up the yard.

All in all the day was a succes.

We planted some herbs and flowers last night and now the veggie garden awaits.......

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