Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why Maggie was so important to us

Like I said in my previous post, Mags was with us through some of our happiest and scariest of days together. She was by our side through so much of our life thus far it's been difficult to figure out life without her. This post is mostly for Matt and I to remember. So here's a list of some of the major events Maggie lived through with us:

-my graduation 
-Matt's first job (after he deferred his first appointment and we weren't really sure where life would take us because of that)
-our engagement!
-our marriage!
-both of our ordinations 
-both of our first positions in ministry
-our travels around the world (including Spain, Japan, South Africa, and Australia)--and of course we always brought her back souvenirs :)
-Matt's appendectomy only 1 month after we married
-our move from Atlanta to Birmingham
-buying our first house and helping us love it and love it well
-painting and making minor renovations to our new home
-our first several gardens
-Matt's transition to pastor at Church of the Reconciler (which was a very difficult transition)
-my dad's near death sickness and road back to health
-my sister's wedding
-many trips to and from Texas
-my sister's and then my parents' move to Virginia 
-Matt's 3 hospital stays for pancreatitis (I seriously don't know how I would have made it through some of those long hard nights at home alone without Maggie by my side)
-bringing home our first puppy, Lennon
-many sick days, rainy days, and snowy days 
-many days filled with sunshine and working in the yard 
-thousands upon thousands of car rides--which were her favorite thing ever! 

She was my best bud and kept me company even in times when I didn't feel like I had many friends. She was Matt's greatest comfort when he didn't know how the road ahead would play out. She was our biggest cheerleader and she knew just how to make us smile. We will carry pieces of Maggie with us for the rest of our lives because she was with us for so many pivotal moments in our life as a young family. She taught us so many lessons about life, love, and being family. And for this I am forever grateful. We love you Maggie Mae! (the link is to the first time I introduced her on the blog)

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  1. Weird! The first post of Maggie Mae has a picture of us at the Dallas house... sweet Mags- I know you miss her often. Love you and love the way you loved her.