Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lent, Week 2 Reflections

We failed. Big Time.

I think I did days one and two....with day 1 being to spend 5 minutes in silence at noon. I read through my book of Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals and spent some time being quiet. Easy enough. Day 2 was to look out the window and find something beautiful that you haven't noticed before. I looked out the window but didn't really take the time to recognize the beauty.

The rest of the week? Well, we only did a few of the challenges.

We did not give clothes to Goodwill, not because we don't have any or don't want to, it was more a matter of taking the time to sort through clothes and drop them off. Sad, but true.

We were only half way successful at no bitching.

And we couldn't really figure out which chores we should switch up....we are pretty good at balancing the work in our household.

Nor did we buy $5 gift cards for the homeless--although I really do plan to do this at some point.

So, week 2 was a flop for us. I'd make excuses but really they aren't all that valid. But I suppose this is part of the journey too. Sometimes we just don't practice or live like we'd hoped.

Here's to a better Week 3! 

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