Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stitch Fix #1

A break from Lent to share about my first Fix which arrived Monday! So if you don't know about this yet, it's like BirchBox or BarkBox but for women's clothes. I've been pondering the idea for quite some time and finally decided to take the plunge. And even though I only kept one item, I feel like Fix #1 was a success and am already looking forward to my next Fix. 

Each box contains 5 items. It can be anything from pants, dresses, shirts, to bags and jewelry. Here were my five items (see above). 

1. A t-shirt material dress with pink stripes and twisted detail. The dress was cute and had a good fit, I just didn't feel like I needed it in my wardrobe. 

2. A pair of Kensie skinny jeans. The fit was ok on these. The size was right, it's just that I'm very particular about my skinny jean fit. They were super soft material. 

3. Fold over purse with zipper detail. I loved the style of this purse but bright pink is not what I'm in need of right now. But it was a super cute look. 

4. Black and white striped dress. I loved this. But talked myself out of it because I always buy black and white! 

5. Navy striped tank. I loved this. And I bought it to add to my summer wardrobe. I have the perfect cardigan to pair it with and can't wait to wear it someday soon. 

So that's what I received in my first box and I think they pretty much hit the nail on the head. The sizing was good, the clothes were fun, and I loved getting it all dropped on my door step! I definitely recommend giving it a try. 

Should you want to give it a shot, use the following link (b/c I'll get a credit for referring you): 

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