Monday, March 31, 2014

Apple Trees for Maggie

Last week we decided that we wanted to plant something in memory of Maggie Mae. For those of you that have been following the blog for a while or just know us in general, you know that each year we plant a garden and relish in the beauty that is our backyard. Maggie LOVED the garden...she loved helping us plant and following me outside each spring and summer morning to water and check the progress. As we thought about the best way to remember her, we could think of nothing else than to plant something special for her in the backyard. While driving home one evening, Matt had the wonderful idea that we should plant an apple tree. 

Mags loved to eat apples--straight off the core nonetheless! 
And so the decision was made.

We had actually been looking at fruit trees at Home Depot last week so it wasn't a wild and crazy thought at all. But it turns out you can't really just plant one--like many other fruits, apple trees produce better (and more) fruit when you cross pollinate. And so we walked away with TWO trees!

Our Fuji apple tree

And our Gala apple tree (my all time favorite)

In addition to the apple trees this year, our backyard is also now filled with the beautiful sounds of the Corinthian chimes my parents gave us for Christmas. I love them. When we kept the house quiet last Tuesday morning to grieve and rest it was so comforting to hear them blowing in the wind. 

Next up in the backyard? Planting garden #5! 

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