Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simplify: Round 3

I know I am way behind in getting this post up but here is our 3rd round of items for our Simplify project:

I own WAY too many scarves for a girl who lives in Alabama. This pile also includes a few winter hats and a belt or two.
This shelf has been sitting in a corner since we removed it upon moving into our house almost 2 years ago.
Old backpacks and duffle bags.
Matt's old chin up bar. Our 1920s home does not accommodate this equipment....
Our old printer...the ink cartridge refills were more expensive than the printer itself. I'm hoping to recycle this one.
Old work bag and traveler's passport/money holder thing (it's true, we had at least 3 of these...)
We cleared out our DVD collection. Many of these were duplicates or things we have since bought on Blu-Ray. I'm embarrassed by how many of these were sitting on our shelf collecting dust.
Old pillows. Our bed has 4, the guest bed has 6, and we still had 3 left over.....hmmmm....

I must admit that the hardest part for me hasn't been the getting rid of items rather it's been the rules created about shopping. I don't think I realized how much I like to shop/buy casually until taking on this challenge. I really miss being able to buy new clothes and shoes here and there.

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