Friday, March 9, 2012

Simplify: Round 2

I'm a little bit late this week but we did move on to round 2 of our simplify project. This week was still relatively easy to find items to give away.

We've kept this old comforter around in a bag since we finished seminary. I think it's time for it to go since that's almost been 3 years now.

Books. We have SO. MANY. BOOKS.

A chopper that we've not used much because we have other electric ones around the kitchen.

Cups & Margarita glasses...some of which I've had since college....

We have LOTS of old magazines. These will be finding their way to our local recycling facility.

Matt's old shoes.

Here is the pile of all of our "stuff" from this week. I am looking forward to actually getting it out of the house as it's now starting to pile up!

This week I think we just realized how much "stuff" we keep around the house. Not necessarily bad things but things that are just in the way and taking up space. Do we do this to make us feel more important? To make it seem like we have more stuff when people come to the house? I don't really know why we hang on to so much so often but I think this is a reminder that we need to do a regular clean out of our "stuff."

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