Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Groceries, Round 4

We finally came in under our budget!

We headed out to Aldi again and stocked up on a few essentials. This week was easier because we had leftovers from our past few shopping trips to add on to rather than starting from scratch (and we ate out a good bit this weekend). Aldi also had a good deal on squash this week & we caught the 99 cent strawberries again. It's nice to be able to buy some fresh produce even on a food stamp budget.

I will admit that we are tiring of buying groceries on a budget. It's difficult to say no when I see something I want. Since Matt and I are big on taking our lunch and eating at home as much as possible, it's hard to have such a limited selection. I've missed eating my Greek yogurt at lunch, looking up recipes with good, healthy vegetarian ingredients to try, my favorite brand of orange juice (Minute Maid-pulp free, in case you were wondering the store brand comes nowhere near the goodness), and other yummy things that are simply out of the question on a food stamp budget. Here's to sticking it out a few more weeks & then remembering always the simple pleasure we have of buying what we want at the grocery store and not only what we need.

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