Thursday, April 28, 2011

With Heavy Hearts

Yesterday was a rough day here in Alabama. We woke in Birmingham to the sirens at 5:15 am and were hit pretty hard with some serious straight line winds and severe thunderstorms. We were without power for the morning and a portion of the afternoon. We had been alerted that it was only going to get worse from there....

...and it did. We waited all afternoon at home, knowing it was coming. We prepared our "safe place" in the tiny guest bedroom closet, bought a battery powered radio, and grabbed the flashlight and water. We watched the tornado pictured above move through Tuscaloosa and head our direction. It was terrifying. We were fortunate in that the tornado moved slightly north of downtown Birmingham and north of our neighborhood.

Today, we are thankful for our home and our safety but know there are many, many people in need in our state. We've cancelled our trip to Memphis this weekend and are waiting for the "go" to get out and begin the clean up. If you are looking for ways to give, I recommend the Red Cross or UMCOR (the link isn't working but google it).

May God be with all of us as we deal with this tragedy.

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