Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm from Texas. We don't have a lot of trees. But when I moved to the Southeast I quickly learned that trees are ALWAYS a threat during a bad storm. The rain + straight line winds almost always brings down a tree somewhere. This week, I had my first up close & personal experience with tree damage.

Matt was able to get in touch with our insurance company and get someone out to cover the damaged area before the rains came. After all of the storms passed, the tree removal company spent four + hours getting the gigantic limb off of our roof (without snapping the telephone wire at that...those things are tough).

Luckily, the tree didn't quite fall all the way through the house so most of the damage is in the roof and attic and not inside. But it still did a number on the eaves of the house.

This was all that was left when they finally got it down:

Now we are waiting to have the damage repaired. Here's hoping our tarp can withstand the storms we are expecting tomorrow.

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