Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Groceries, Round 3

Over, again.

This week we headed back to Aldi...I feel like we can get more bang for our buck there. (as a side note, we will be adding a trip to Aldi to our "normal" grocery visits because the savings are fantastic). We thought we had landed right on the money with our $21 this week until we reached the check out. It appears we forgot to add in the 4% sales tax that the state of Alabama places on groceries. AL is one of only 2 states in the US (MS being the other) that doesn't have any kind of break or rebate on grocery sales tax (read more here).

At first I was disappointed that we still didn't stay within our budget but then realized this is a poignant lesson in why we need to work for reform on the grocery tax in Alabama. The amount of money a person can spend on actual food is greatly diminished by the amount of tax placed on those items. It's hard to notice the difference when your grocery bill is $100 but when you are looking at only $21, the tax adds up quickly. And that is just plain ridiculous.

(On a more positive note, we hit the jackpot this week as strawberries were only 99 cents at Aldi. Hooray for a tasty might still have time to go out and grab a carton for yourself!)

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