Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Groceries, Round 1

Here is a report from our first trip to the grocery store on "food stamps." We decided to do the majority of our shopping at Aldi (a lower priced food chain) and to shop for 1 week of groceries, or about $21 worth. Here is a picture of all that we were able to buy:

The majority of what we bought is pasta. In an attempt to eat healthier, we spent some of our money on bananas, frozen vegetables, a few canned veggies (but those have so much sodium, blah), and some yogurt. We should also point out that we ended up going over by a few dollars.

This is definitely challenging and a good reminder of the luxury we have to buy whatever foods we'd like on a regular basis. On our next trip, we plan to try shopping at our usual Publix to see what we can buy with coupons and the like.

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  1. you should check out if you are trying to coupon and use the bogos etc. at publix. i think it's so interesting what you're doing - keep us updated. good luck!