Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet My New BFF

The Haan.
It's a steam vacuum for hardwood floors. Not only does it clean (with only water-so eco-friendly) but it also sanitizes the floors, which I love. It also comes with 2 reusable pads to wipe up all that dirt and grime which can be easily thrown in the wash. AND it can be used to sanitize mattress, couches, carpets, you name it.
I've used the Haan once and I'm already convinced that our hardwoods are cleaner and shinier than ever.
You should check it out.


  1. Hey Gil.

    I was just thinking earlier today to write a post dedicated to Tyson, or Dyson vaccuum cleaner I love so much. And then I hesitated. And then you wrote about Haan. And now I feel the need to write about Tyson again.

  2. sorry, was this an advert for the Haan? Did they pay you for this?