Friday, May 14, 2010

Babies, The Movie

My sister and I saw this movie over the weekend. We had both seen the trailer for it and couldn't wait to see this film about 4 different babies raised all over the world. As you can see from the poster one was from Namibia, one from Tokyo, one from Mongolia, and one from San Francisco-that makes 2 city/urban babies and 2 rural/nomad babies.

Although there was no narration or commentary (only mommies talking to babies in languages I really didn't understand or baby noises), I still think the movie does a good job of making its point. All the babies end up ok...even the ones that eat rocks, run naked, lick dog tongues, and play with herds of goats. All of the babies learn to walk and talk. All of the babies are loved. It also does a good job of making Americans look like a bunch of overprotective, materialistic worry-warts, which I guess is true. But it also will make you smile and laugh...and maybe think more deeply about what it means to be alive. So go and see it!

(also....I LOVED seeing the Tokyo baby, Mari, and mommy walking all sorts of places that Matt and I visited on our Honeymoon. I think we should go back soon.)

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