Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Simplify: Round 4

I'm behind again but a couple of weeks ago we moved our simplify project to the shed. Here were our findings:

Our old, rusty fire's pretty useless at this point.
After last spring I bought several new chair cushions at a serious discount so these 6 bad boys are out of here.
I don't think this chair was supposed to be left "in the elements," but it was here when we moved in and perhaps has seen better days.
Over a year ago we installed a new microwave above the oven....and we still have the old one in storage....
This is the first Keurig we bought. It doesn't work. We set this box by the curb (it was missing some parts that we had to send in to get our replacement) and it was gone within a day. I hope its new owners find a way to salvage it.
An old hanging bag.
Matt's old frisbee seat, frisbee, and some other random stuff inside the seat. (These were all useful in his college days when he played ultimate regularly...not so useful now).
Some nice shoes given to Matt that have never fit and never made it any further than the shed. I am really happy that someone will finally be able to give these nice shoes a good wear.
More towels. I forgot that I had a whole box stashed away to be used when we didn't want to get a good towel dirty. Ummmm that box hasn't been opened since I stashed it 2 years ago. Oops!

Lessons Learned: Often we stash things that we think we might need, use, or pick up again someday. Often that is just because we can't let things go and not because we really plan to use them again. Also, sometimes we keep things because we are too lazy to take them somewhere but the reality is that someone else probably needs and will use what we have discarded (note: this is not always true, but in the case of the items above, it is). We need to be better about sharing what we have...especially when we aren't using it.

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