Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We are all Halloween-ed out in our household. Sunday Oct. 24 was the carnival at my church and Wed. Oct. 27 was the carnival at Matt's church. (it was totally worth it to see all the cute kids in costume!) Plus we went to a showing of Scream in our new downtown Railroad Park AND handed out candy at our own house Sunday night. Whew.

Anyway, for the carnival at Woodlawn we did a trunk-or-treat type set up with some games to boot. Matt was insistent that we go with a Star Wars theme....after a few weeks of fighting back, I gave in (knowing I had a costume at home that would be free!).

The backdrop for the car took us nearly an entire evening (a very stormy one I might add) to create, but below is our finished product (without the lights on). I think it turned out well.

Once we got to the church we stuck on some little Star Wars cut outs and had kids throw a ball at them to get some candy (and some awesome Star Wars prizes we found on our hunt for decor). See here:

All in all, I'd say we pulled of Star Wars pretty well. I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween as well!

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