Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Garden: Still Hanging On

Our garden is still clinging to life as the fall begins to make a real appearance in Alabama. The Better Boy tomatoes (pictured below) have started blooming out of control.

I doubt they'll last much longer but look at all those tomatoes! The Roma tomatoes have put up a fight as well. And they. are. huge. Just look at the size of that thing:

I wish our little garden could last forever but I know that's just not how it works. Plus I can't commit to watering it nearly as much as I did in the summer because it is just way too cold for that. We did, however, decide to take on at least 1 winter plant. See here:

This is our 1 kale plant. So far, so good. I'm hoping I can keep that sucker alive and fix up some tasty salads or greens or something!

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