Friday, March 26, 2010

Sweet 16!!

I have always been a tried and true Baylor basketball fan (not one of those fair weather types). I've been there through thick and thin (along with you Mel). I remember attending slam dunk contests to raise some hype for our men's team during the year in which they were suspended from everything except conference play. I remember cheering on the Baylor bears in many close games (and some not so close) at the beloved Ferrell Center in Waco. And more than that, I remember making a little trek up to Indianapolis during the year in which our Lady Bears won the National Championship!!! (and I may or may not still have a framed newspaper to comemorate the momentous occassion)

All that to say, I love me some Baylor bball. And this year we have finally proven what all the hype is about! I am proud to say that BOTH Baylor men's bball and the Baylor Lady Bears are headed to the Sweet 16!!

Sic 'Em Bears!!!!! Tonight I think I'll grab a Dr. Pepper and slip into my Baylor Basketball shorts and BU t-shirt to cheer on my favorite team. (if only I had the money to fly to Houston and buy tickets...I'd be there in a heartbeat if I could....)


  1. I'm right there with ya- but alas, Portland to Houston is a little out of reach at the moment. Oh well, we've got the next best thing! GO BEARS!!