Friday, March 12, 2010

The Cove

After the Oscars Sunday night Matt decided we should check out this award winning documentary. If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it.

The Cove reveals the practices of a small village in Japan (Taiji to be exact) as they work in the dolphin industry to create revinue. I won't give away too many details but it's fair to say that I had NO idea that this kind of slaughter/exploitation of dolphins was going on in the world. I mean, honestly, I'd never really even thought about where the Sea Worlds and large aquariums of the world get their dolphins. Now I surely will.

For the little girl that wanted to be a marine biologist ages ago (it's true, you can ask my sister about the mean stunts I used to make her pull so that I could pretend to be training whales or dolphins), this was an eye-opening documentary.

Now it for yourself....and let's save the dolphins! (if that's not cheesy, I don't know what is...)


  1. I had some really inappropriate comment to say here about Tri Delt and dolphins...but that's lame. Soooo all to say I'll put this in the Netflix queue!

  2. I was talking about this documentary the other day with Nicole after the trainer died in Sea World from the orca whale. I also wanted to be an animal psychologist so that I could train the animals - but it really makes you wonder...

  3. "okay sis when I tap on the water you swim in a circle like a dolphin" says Katie to her little sister in the baby pool.