Wednesday, March 24, 2010

San Francisco

What a great city! Last week the weather was beautiful....I stayed outside as much as possible (and maybe brought back some rosy cheecks). Together with 27 other folks from the college we worked serving meals with Glide which is both a United Methodist congregation and one of the largest foundations offering services to the homeless and poor of San Francisco.

They work around the principles of radical inclusivity, meaning they welcome everyone and truly value the differences, unconditional love, healing, and recovery. It is truly a beautiful place to celebrate and worship. If you ever go to San Fran, give them a visit (corner of Taylor and Ellis just in case).

Other highlights include: (but are not limited to)
Making lots of new friends, Tofu options in every restaurant (I know, I know this probably doesn't excite you...), Beautiful parks and places to run (and lots of friendly, well behaved dogs), Biking across the bridge, some quality ice cream, exploring the coast, visiting with Alexis!, a trip to Castro (and the Human Dignity Store), lots of time spent laying in the grass....

(although I enjoyed the week, I am very happy to be reunited with Matt and the Mags)

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  1. Glide is a phenomenal church! I took my youth group there on our way to a mission trip in Northern California and it was a spirit filled worship - loved it!