Saturday, February 16, 2013


It began Tuesday night. Matt was complaining of heartburn--which is not all that uncommon in our house. So we sent him to bed and were hoping it would eventually die down. Unfortunately at about 2am, the pain had actually increased. 

So we headed to the ER after a sleepless night for the both of us. Matt was in the worst pain I think I've ever seen him in--he couldn't lay still on the bed and the waves of nausea were constant. I didn't know what to do to help calm him down. They were finally able to find a pain killer strong enough to ease some of the pain. After some blood work and a CT scan, they diagnosed Matt with a pretty severe case of pancreatitis. They would need to admit him to stop the inflammation and try to discover the cause. 

There are only a few "common" causes of pancreatitis, none of which fit Matt's habits or lifestyle. So the cause for the flare up is still a bit of a mystery--but the doctor assures us that is not all that uncommon. They will be doing some follow up tests to keep an eye on things and see if we can come any closer to discovering what caused the inflammation. 

In order to let the pancreas rest, Matt wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything for a solid two days. Yesterday he was finally allowed some clear liquids and today its on to soft solids. Although we are thankful for the enforced rest and good care, we are very ready to have Matt back home.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day! 

Thanks for all of the kind words, love, and care. We are so thankful for each of you! 

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