Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's true. I am now officially licensed to teach Zumba.
Have I lost my mind? Maybe.
Will it be really fun? Yes, definitely.

Last Friday I attended the instructor training in Tuscaloosa, AL. Although it was a long day, I feel mostly prepared to start teaching. I am practicing my little heart out to learn the routines and figure out how to teach and cue them as well. The plan is to take over a Sunday night class we have been doing at the church--which is free--and to add some weekday classes in April for which we will charge a minimal fee. I'm excited about the possibilities!!

(If you live in Bham, you should come on down to First Church for some Zumba classes! You won't regret it!)


  1. I'm not gonna lie. Kind of wishing I was living in Bham right now.

  2. Sad that I will not be taking class with you. You dance like such a white girl and I love it. :]

  3. Gil! I'm so impressed. I took a few classes and LOVED it. Wish I was in BHAM so you could be my teacher.