Monday, February 14, 2011

You are Loved!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I made a real mess last Friday as I baked sugar cookies to decorate and spread love on Valentine's Day. Although it took a long time (and a lot of cleaning), I think they turned out rather well.

(Yes, I'm aware that Texas cookies are not really Valentine's treats but I've never been able to use my Texas cookie cutter, so why not now?)

Here's wishing you a day full of love, hugs, and tasty treats!
And, of course, love to my Rushmore, you're the best!!


  1. I want one of those Texas cookies. It works, deep in the hear of Texas, keeping Texas close to our heart?!!

  2. Yum, Gil! Those look scrumptious. I'll take a Texas one too, please!

  3. That was supposed to say "Heart"